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What do you mean by keyword? Discuss about its types!

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When you type any query in google search window then that search

query are going to be referred to as a keyword.
In simple terms, the keyword may be a query of any reader who types in
Google to seek out particular details.
Let see below, i'm checking out a question "Adsense approval trick"
and google showing quite 2,69,000 results why?
Because those many pages have written content around that keyword.dfdddsqEAA

Still, my site is ranking at #1 in Google SERP, why
because i did the proper research of the keyword.
If you'll learn the CTR which is understood as Click through rate or in
simple mean what percentage people clicking to your page in Google SERP,
Backlinko has analyzed over 5 million search queries and 0.9 million
web pages and located the #1 ranking page has 31.7% CTR as
compared to three at the #10 ranking page
If you're on the second page in SERP then in SEO people call this as
the best place to cover your great content.
Which is on the brink of ranking but unable to urge traffic and on the second
page you'll receive only 0.78% CTR.
Hence, finding the proper keyword should be your prime criteria,
without this, you'll not rank in Google.
Now, are you excited about finding the simplest profitable keyword?
If yes, then first learn the kinds of keywords then i will be able to offer you a
master strategy of keyword research.
What Are the kinds Of Keywords?
                    Keywords are categorized into four types and each sort of
keyword has different ranking criteria.

So keep that specialize in how that keyword works and their importance.
Short Tail Or Single Word Keyword:-
              These keywords are targeting the broader term or category of a
particular subject, ideally, you'll find such keywords either in 
1 word
2-word query format
                     If you search in google and sort Yoga, then yoga can have numerous
queries to deal with such as:
Yoga Poses.
● Yoga Exercise.
● Yoga advantages.
This has the advantage of the amount of topics to deal with during a single
post but the disadvantage is that they are a really competitive keyword.
Almost every post in SERP associated with Yoga has included Yoga in their
title, URL and therefore the content body.
So my advice is to strictly avoid such keyword especially once you are
a beginner.
Long Tail Keyword:-
                          These days almost every query is searched in Google, there are plenty
of opportunities that readers are checking out a specific query.
In general, long tail keywords are in between 3-5 words long and
directly addressing the user particular query which is why I also call
them the laser-targeted keywords.
If we analyze the research data shared by Ahref on long tail keyword,
then you'll see the long-tailed keyword has less competition as
compared to the short tail keyword, why?
Because they need low search volume and nobody is thinking to
target those but on the opposite side these keywords are the jewels for
beginner to rank fast .
Bonus Tip:-
         Do remember a replacement site that needs quick ranking to
show its authority to Google and during this list, Long tail keyword will
                   make your job easier, so grab it.
Long tail keyword has on the brink of zero difficulty and if it ranks then 1000's
of other keywords also will start ranking for an equivalent and other blog
posts of your website.
            After all, you're also targeting the short tail or general keyword within the
long tail keyword post, am I right?
Let's specialise in subsequent sort of keyword.
Latent Semantic (LSI) Keyword:-
             LSI Keyword is documented as semantic keyword otherwise you can consider
them as a secondary keyword.
Yes, if you in quire from me a question in two alternative ways such as:
             Why don't you write your blog post very quick? or why don't you
     write your blog post very fast?
                                In both cases, fast and quick having an equivalent meaning which is
what Google cares many other queries.
So LSI keywords, can't be your primary keyword but most
recommended to use in your blog and now you would possibly be thinking,
how to find LSI keyword, right?
It looks like , i'm guessing everything that you simply are close to ask, isn't
      Finding LSI keywords may be a very easy step so abandoning back to yoga
example and sort only Yoga Poses in Google search and scroll down
to the SERP pages.
You have a closely related query to Yoga poses.


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