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What Are Keyword Research Tools And Techniques?

 Keyword Research Tools And Techniques?

                              Keyword research are often done using free and paid SEO tools, these
tools help us to spot what's search volume of any keyword and
how much that keyword is competitive to rank in SERP.
Every keyword is focussed round the below topics and you want to be
familiar with what's the importance of every one among them.

Keyword Difficulty : Keyword difficulty are going to be shared by
every tool on a 1-100 scale, supported how competitive that
keyword is to rank in Google. on the brink of 100 are going to be more
● Search Volume : A keyword will have different search
volumes in several countries, so confirm to spot that
your keyword is searched therein country where you would like to
rank or not?
● Global Search Volume :It is clear that the majority of the
keyword searched Worldwide, except those which are country
targeted, so specialise in global search volume to diversify global
Organic Click : confirm the keyword should have
more than 70% organic clicks else Google SERP are going to be filled with
advertising pages and you will not get any ranking in #1 page of
● Seasonal Search : confirm the search volume of keyword
should not be seasonal, otherwise you'll be struggling to seek out
the traffic throughout the year, remember the winter jacket
● Cost per Click : CPC will decide what proportion commercial that
keyword is, therefore the more CPC any keyword has more chances to
make money using Google Adsense ad network.
It seems, now you're confident about what to see for any keyword
and except CPC all other factors are vital to focus while
doing keyword research.
Free SEO Tools:-
                 Ideally, free keyword research starts with Google using Google search
            So what you've got to try to to is type your seed keyword in Google and it
will auto-suggest numerous ideas and you'll pick one.
I typed, What are SEO and Google automatically suggested a couple of
keyword ideas and now your job is to notice down all of them during a
notepad for further research.
Let say, you would like to write down about what's SEO Writing, so our next
   step is to explore its ranking difficulty using an SEO tool and during this
list, we will use a free SEO tool Uber suggest


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