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2 new games like PUBG will be launched in 2021

 PUBG plans to expand its Battle Royal Universe game. The company plans to launch 2 new games like PUBG Games. Krafton CEO, Kim Chang-han gave this information during an interview. Remind you that Krafton, a South Korean company, is a company owned by PUBG Corporation. This company is behind the playersUnknown Battlegrounds. PUBG is currently banned in India, and the company is engaged in the return of the game to India.


PUBG likes 2 new games soon

Kim Chang-han has given information about launching 2 new games like PUBG during an interview. This interview has been given to Bloomberg . During the interview, Kim Chang-han stated that our objective is to establish PUBG as a big franchise. We don't want to be just a successful Wonder. So we plan to launch 2 new games like PUBG. Information about

PUBG 's new games is that they can be introduced for PCs and consoles. But mobile users need not be disappointed for this. There is a possibility that the new Battle Royal title based game PUBG will be launched as a mobile version in India. These 2 games are planned to be launched in 2022.

Another detail about PUBG is that the PUBG Hassed horror game 'The Callisto Protocol' can be launched in 2022. The game, which will mimic the PUBG world, will be developed by Striking Distance Studios and will include many things related to PUBG. Apart from this, there is also news that PUBG and PUBG Mobile may get a new sequel, which is being called PUBG 2 and PUBG Mobile 2.

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