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Wordpress vs Blogger Best Blogging Platform | Day 2

 Few people like to start blogging without investing one penny and

others dare to take a position a couple of bucks confidently to urge it back during a 

couple of months.

Tell me, what's your thoughts within the comment box about investing

money in blogging.

If you inquire from me , what I did once I start blogging?

Then I did start with the free one but soon after I invested a couple of bucks

and today i'm making quite $1000 monthly from blogging.

Wait, the proof is waiting ahead during this guide.

But why I asked you to settle on between free and paid blogging is

because of blogging platforms.

If you would like to start out a blog then you would like a content management tool

that we call CMS and during this list, there are two popular platforms.

● Blogger

● WordPress

What is a Blogger?

Blogger may be a Google own content management platform which was

started back within the year 2003.

If you're willing to start out a blog with Blogger then what you would like is

just an email id and rest are going to be given free by Google.

But it's some advantages and drawbacks , so let me drop all of

them one by one.

Advantages of Blogger CMS

● Blogger security is on top of things of Google which suggests you will not 

worry about website hacking.

● you'll get Free unlimited hosting to handle many traffic

every day.

● you'll get a free sub-domain with extension ended by


● Inbuilt analytics to trace daily visitors and far more.

Disadvantages of Blogger CMS

● Blogger is owned by Google, which suggests you're not the

owner of the blog.

● you've got to follow Google guidelines, if not then your blog will

be deleted immediately.

● you'll haven't any choice to add additional plugins with Blogger

to scale or automate your blog.

● Blogger has limitations in terms of use and customization.

If you've got the vision to show your blog into a million-dollar business

then probably this free platform wouldn't be the simplest option to start

your blog.

Then the runner-up choice would be WordPress,so what is

WordPress and the way to start out a blog with WordPress are going to be the main target of

this guide.

What is WordPress and Its Type?

WordPress is that the hottest free content management tool, was

started back within the year 2003.

As per the stats, quite 60% of bloggers are using WordPress to

manage their blogs and it's documented as self-hosted blogging


This means you're the owner of the blog and you'll scale this as you

want using the extra services available within the market.

WordPress may be a free CMS owned by a non-profit organization

WordPress foundation and that they offer two hottest platform.



But we are focused around as is

similar to a blogger with limited freedom under the free plan and you

need to pay extra to use the professional features. are going to be like your own house, where you'll manage

your blog by investing just a couple of bucks ideally $50/year.

If you're keen to find out the differences in between vs, then i like to recommend exploring the detailed guide.

Let me highlight the long list of benefits and drawbacks of


Advantages of WordPress

● WordPress is self-hosted blogging platform and you'll be the

owner of the blog.

● you'll have full freedom to use the simplest plugins to automate

your blogging process.

Well, it seems WordPress also has disadvantages but the truth is

everything is straightforward to manage with just $50/year investment or even 

max $100/year.

You can manage security, backup and performance using free plugins

and you're good to travel .

So no worries, the later guide will offer you all the list of plugins which

will manage everything you would like for free of charge .

I love WordPress and almost every blogger willing to use an equivalent ,

what about you?

If you create up your mind to start out a blog with WordPress then this

guide is to master you within the art of Blogging, now you've got to settle on 

which platform you'd wish to start?

Start with WordPress because it is ruling the market and therefore the most favored


Bonus Tips : consistent with W3Techs on the brink of 62% of the CMS (Blogs)

are using WordPress which is 35% of the entire website or internet

market shares.

What is Niche,Niche types and the way to pick the simplest Niche for your


Get ready for Day 3 >>









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