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iPhone Se | iphone se 2 plus release date | 2021 Price in India/usa

 So are apple looking into making a new iphone se 3 release and launch it soon well we have news on the new iphone se plus model that looks like it will be coming out in 2021 i've got you all the details including the specs and the iphone se plus release date and price right after this so if you want to hear the latest gaming news tech news reviews and comparisons hit that subscribe button followed by the bell so in 

2021 we have had five iphone models launched so back in november time we got four new iphone 12 models and then back in april we also had the release of the second generation iphone se it is argued that the iphone se is the best budget smartphone   

you can buy as its price is appearing for 400 us dollars topped with a chipset that is still faster than what is put in the top flagship phones in 2020 and those phones would cost you three times as much as an iphone se the price isn't the best factor either the camera system is a very good one also rest assured in the 

knowledge of software support for around four years which makes this phone very appealing to mid-range budget android rivals out there however a downer for some people is the screen size being only 4.7 inches and also the battery life not being the strongest the new iphone 12 mini has a 5.4 inch screen and the body size is smaller than the 

se however this will cost you 300 more so it only seems logical for apple to bring in another budget phone with a bigger screen slightly improved specs for just a little bit more than the current se this is where the iphone se plus comes into play so let's talk some more specifics about the new iphone se let's start with the release date it was imagined for the iphone sc plus to 

  come out in march 2021 as for the phone to come out with the iphone 12 models would still some of the thunder and also it's been too soon since the new iphone se so as seen here and reported by nine to five mac the iphone se plus may not launch until the second half of 2021. this is according to apple analyst minshi ku previously ku predicted that the iphone se plus would have a release date of the first half of 2021 but is reportedly being postponed so 

why this delay it could be because of the coronavirus pandemic and also the mentioned four new iphone 12 phones launching so it's doubtful that they would want to rush out a lower priced iphone that could help people holding back for the iphone se plus instead for a couple of months instead of getting  

 an iphone 12 model however i would say it's most likely we'll be getting our hands on the iphone se plus a couple of months or a few months before the iphone 13 announcement next for price there's no firm info on the possible iphone se plus price yet but the iphone se plus would resemble 

the iphone 8 plus in looks just like the iphone se 2020 looks like a normal iphone 8 so this means the classic 5.5 inch screen and we expect apple to charge about 100 us dollars premium over the current iphone se so the iphone se plus may have a price of starting around 499 us dollars for a 64 gigabyte option jumping all the way up to 128 gigabytes and that would cost you probably fifty dollars more so 549 dollars for design this is where it gets tricky why some reports point to the iphone se plus having a screen size of 5.5 inches others are saying it will have a 6.1 inch panel a lot of this depends on whether apples decides to recycle the iphone 8 plus design or go in a

 new direction and possibly use the design of an iphone 10r analyst ross young believes that apple could opt for a 6.1 inch lcd screen on what he is calling the iphone se3 however we believe apple will use the iphone 8 plus design instead to keep costs down sticking with design it would mean a 5.5 inch display and larger bezels on the top and bottom and also touch id and a home button as well   

as for the screen itself we expect an lcd panel as opposed to an oled one which would allow apple to keep the price down again all four iphone 12 models now have an oled screen so an lcd iphone sc plus would make sense just like the normal iphone se the most interesting rumor is that the iphone se plus could also have no ports at all apple is said to be making an iphone that is portless and front page text john process says that it is most likely not to be in a flagship device this leaves the door open for the iphone se plus however we also hear that the iphone 13 could be a portless phone

 a portless iphone would allow apple to ditch the lightning port and experiment further with the magsafe option reason for doing this it wouldn't take such a big risk instead of putting a portless phone on a flagship like the iphone 13. but for now it's hard to say whether apple would make this bold move with the iphone se plus for my own opinion i am the opposite way around i doubt we will see an sc being portless next year and i believe it will be the iphone 13 pro models to be portless if any of them for chipset and ram and storage apple may very  

 well decide to stick with its current a13 bionic processor that's inside the current iphone se for the larger iphone sc plus but if the company is truly holding off until the second half of 2021 it's more likely that the iphone se plus will get the same a14 bionic chip that's the same one we've just got in the iphone 12 and we'll probably be getting an a15 in the iphone 13 instead so to put an a14 inside it a couple of months before the iphone 13 does make sense for ram we believe the   

sc plus will have four gigabytes of ram just like the normal iphone 12 models and the iphone 12 mini apple could also include the same storage options as well and this includes 64 128 gig and 256 gigabytes for camera the iphone se has a single rear 12 megapixel camera and a 7 megapixel selfie camera up front but it does use that super powerful photography features of the a13 bionic that makes photos some of the best on a budget mid-range phone at 

the moment you get portrait mode smart hdr and extended dynamic range in 4k video the iphone se plus could be even more versatile the iphone 8 plus included both a standard lens and a telephoto lens for optical zoom and apple may follow a similar path for an iphone se plus however saying that apple went in a different direction with the iphone 11 giving the phone two lenses but one being an ultra wide lens and one being a normal wide lens and apple did the

 same for the normal iphone 12 as well so an iphone se plus will probably have two rear cameras though we do not know if they're gonna opt for a telephoto or an ultra wide lens on that second lens on the phone one thing i would expect from an iphone se plus is night mode it's one of the biggest missing features on the regular iphone se and there's nothing that leads me to believe that apple couldn't add it to its existing budget phone   

as the software and the chipset inside the sc and the same chipset what's inside the iphone 11 and a slightly more powerful one in the 12 features this so the iphone se 2020 could be able to do this as well so fingers crossed at the iphone sc plus will definitely have this inside it one of the biggest downers though of the iphone se is its battery life and it does not fare well with reviewers or even users 

it has a small 1821 milliamp battery that lasts around nine hours for basic web surfing this is well behind the 11 hour mark which is the benchmark what is needed in 2020 the iphone 8 plus packed a 2675 milliamp battery which lasted over 11 hours so the iphone sc plus could easily be one of the longest lasting batteries around especially for its money plus apple may even give the phone a slightly bigger battery and it's also presumed we'd get that new 5 nanometer a14 bionic processor what's even more efficient than the a13 7 nanometer processor  

 so we could expect a battery life between 12 to 13 hours what is amazing as for charging it is still believe we'll get a lightning port on this phone but i expect just a cable in the box for anyone who doesn't know when apple released the iphone 12 models they also stopped putting charges in the boxes for the iphone 11 the xr or 10r and also the se what they sell from now on like the iphone se the plus would presumably support qi wireless charging so it should work on some of the best wireless chargers out there however i doubt it   

will have mac saved magnets inside it because of the iphone 8 plus design well guys that is the latest we have on the iphone se plus what are your initial thoughts on it and will you purchase one on release or do you think you'll get yourself the likes of an iphone 12 or 13 instead let me know in the comments below so it's time to wrap this up if you have liked this video please do press the like 

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